Nicola Stassen is the founder and head therapist of BELLE AMÉ Beauty Salon.


BELLE AMÉ was chosen as name because of its deeper meaning – BEAUTIFUL SOUL - as we would love you to feel fabulous inside and out!


Nicola has more than 6 years’ experience in all aspects of the industry and has learnt a lot in this fast growing environment. This experience was gained by working both in a relaxing spa environment, as well as in a result driven aesthetic salon.


"I've always loved the spa environment, the serenity and tranquillity it holds is absolutely amazing. However, from working in an aesthetic salon, I realised that my true passion lies with the results my clients can see and the way the treatments make them feel. Therefore, my goal is to grow BELLE AMÉ into the preferred aesthetic salon of the area and then expand my brand to include a beautiful, relaxing spa as well.”


BELLE AMÉ Beauty Salon is a safe and calming environment to suit all customers’ preferences and needs. Not only to unwind and destress, but also to focus on healthy and beautiful looking skin. We are proud to have opened our doors and welcome each and everyone.